This is the latest track I am working on. It's a bit experimental and I have only just come up with a title, after much pondering. Musically it has been a tough track to balance and mix but I'm getting there. Also the vocal required some stretching of my lungs, which at my time of life is probably not a good idea.

I recorded this over the course of a week, which is lengthy for me. It's complex considering it all revolves around one evolving chord which shifts its intervals over the length of the progression. This means that any melodies which are included also have to evolve or be repetitive or limited to the use of  safe octaves around roots or fifths to preserve the tonality of the track.

I used three guitars, a Crafter, twelve string for the intro, a Washburn, floyd rose trem guitar with Seymour Duncan invader, humbucker pick-up for the insane, dark distortion riffs, and a Les Paul with burstbuckers for the lead solo. There is piano included and five different synth tracks which occur during various passages. The bass is provided by my ESP spalted maple, six string bass with active pick-ups.

The reason for the full arrangement is the harmony oppotunities between instruments in respect of each one, plus the underpinning of the vocal.

I am reasonably happy with the mix so just need to let it rest for a day or two and then master the track with a small amount of equalisation, if I find some rough edges and it will be ready to box up for my album.