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This is where you'll find pictures, tracks and links to other recording artists who share my passion for all things related to making music. Some of whom have shared their knowledge with me when I started recording and continue to do so, as I find my way through the dials and learn new ways of getting my musical ideas converted into tracks. 

I'm quite fond of cars too :-)

Pygmy Beat

Many thanks to Ray, who has given me some great advice and encouragement, not to mention the very useful tips which helped me get my bass playing headed in the right direction.


The Pygmy Beat Blog

The Soundclick Music Page

Triple J Unearthed

The Newlings On Soundclick


Smokin Lizards Home

Smokin Lizards my space

Not only a great rock, punk, new wave covers band, also a family connection, My cousin Rod, plays guitar and is a vocalist with the Lizards.


Me, the pink guitar belongs to my daughter (honest)  

My Youngest Daughter

The Jalopy