Let Me Go

My first concious delve into the style of Pink Floyd.  The track started out as a bit of fun, due to another home recording fanatic whose work I listen to from time to time, trying to quantify and reproduce that feel in a piece of music. For me, It's the emotive style to some of their lyrics and big areas of instrumental, employing a range of instrument sounds and ambience. An imposing bass line and guitar licks which convey emotion are other elements I wanted to re create. Rather than acrobatics playing lots of meaningless technical notes, I admire the well chosen notes played meaningfully, with a pinched harmonic or two thrown in for good measure. Though not so many as to render them cliché or negate their impact when applied to well chosen notes during a solo. The bass on this track is my LTD six string with active EMG pickups, played through an Orange amp and cab. The lead guitar is my 25-30 year old Washburn MG fitted with Seymour Duncan Pickups and a Floyd Rose trem, now there's an irony. Piano and synth sounds, provided by a Technics, full midi piano with voice module. The drum track was put together from a selection of clips I have at my disposal, every other part of the track is played for the track specifically in my studio, as are all the vocals sung by me. There's probably three solid days of work in the track, and a few additional hours mixing and equalising, although I decided not to normalise or apply compression to the overall track, as it sounds slightly castrated with a multiband compression applied, so I'd rather keep a few errant peaks than make the mix bland.   

Clouds Will Fall

A break from the guitar driven material that I usually find myself recording. Quite a tough track to get a lead vocal to sit well in, as opposed to the spacious octave and over-dub vocals. The guitar did find a way in and is played as the floaty riff over most of the track in a kind of vocal articulation of heavily delayed notes. The bass line is a touch industrial but punchy, especially at the chorus where its higher notation tightens it even more. There is some additional polishing to do before mastering this with any real intent, but the bulk of the content is there, just a few sprinkles required.  


Awaiting mixing and mastering.


Another one on the back burner waiting to be re mixed and mastered.