My latest track, which is in need of some more work mainly in respect of the vocals. I literally wrote the lyrics by singing over looped sections of the bare bones, initial track until the ideas flowed. It's a simple set of words which hopefully convey mood. The music is a departure from the comfortable sounding regular progressions which easily sound immediately right. It's quite basic because not many chords are used, but having confidence to work with something which until fleshed sounds discordant at times does require determination.

The plus side is that melody both vocal and instrument solo have some very nice options with which to impart feeling into the melody/music, which for me is the reason I do it. Chocolate box set pieces would turn me off very quickly, unless serious amounts of money were changing hands, I guess I could compromise then.

I might drop the key for this arrangement into a lower register as the vocal is on the outer limits of my twenty a day vocal cords, I have a voice which sits way lower than I would like, but one has to make the most of what is provided by nature. The vocal diction needs a little work which might require a few minor word alterations to assist, probaly a couple of short additional words to keep certain similar sounds on track. I might also tweak the note intervals of the chorus, not sure yet as the resolve which occurs by changing key and keeping to major chords is a good contrast for the verse melody which has more of an unsettling tonality, the bass notation adds to that impression.

This is my latest mix of the track, I moved the instruments around in the stereo field, which seems to suit the arrangement better and also added additional vocals sung by Jenny Maahs, to each chorus. I might polish my vocal a little more now I have Jenny singing and showing up the shortcomings in my own vocal tone. But it's a certainly a step or two in the right direction.

The arrangement consists of drums, bass, electro-acoustic guitar, electric guitar and piano. I have a bit of a thing for piano in songs especially as the intonation when played along side guitar can have some interesting effects in respect of harmonic richness.